About Dr. Klich

Dr. Klich has over 20 years of clinical experience in the area of health psychology and is board certified in biofeedback. As far back as she can remember, she has always held a passion for understanding the intricate relationship between the mind and body. She has developed expertise in chronic pain and treating complex medical disorders through her work at pain clinics and rehabilitation hospitals such as Shepherd center, where she has provided care to individuals with catastrophic injuries, neurologic, musculo-skeletal and degenerative disease, such as spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and complex regional pain disorder. Her focus is on restoring function, improving quality of life, and reducing medication dependence.

In private practice, and as a personal and executive coach, Dr. Klich has found it important to “practice what you preach.” She maintains a personal practice in mindfulness meditation and is a founding member of a mindfulness meditation group in Atlanta, GA. In line with this philosophy she has developed clinical protocols to incorporate mindfulness into pychophysiological training with biofeedback and cognitive therapy, in her program of Mindfulness-Based Biofeedback (TM). She has found that that one does not need to suffer a traumatic injury or be diagnosed with a serious illness to achieve benefits with the treatment. Dr. Klich points out that mindfulness-based practice is accessible to anyone who recognizes a need for change and seeks help. She is committed to helping people bridge the gap between their current way of living and their potential. As a clinician she has cultivated a treatment philosophy of integrative medicine focused on fostering each individual’s healing power to improve their well-being.


To inquire Dr. Klich’s seminars in personal transformation and healing, email DrKlich@mymindfulwayoflife.com

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6 thoughts on “About Dr. Klich

  1. My name is Steve B. I am a new 60 yr/old (yikes!) from Pipestone, MN. I formerly practiced anesthesia as a CRNA.I had to “retire” from that in ’04. Now` I am a practicing counselor. My neurologist is Dr.”Fanny” Jacquez.She also practices in the Atlanta area, although, I am not certain of which hospital or practice she is associated with. She knows of you and speaks highly of you, hence, this reply to you. I thought there might be a chance you may know each other. I am anxious to learn more of your approach in Mindfulness Meditation.

    • Steve,
      Dr. Fanny is a wonderful doctor. I am glad you are checking this out. Please look around the website and let me know what questions you may have. I recommend you click on the “30 Day challenge” tab on the toolbar and read the articles posted there. You will find that the first article is from an interview for an MS magazine.

      Dr. K

  2. Dr. Klich has been so helpful and kind about helping me get what I need to be able to begin my meditation. She really cares! I’m sure that’s why my doctor recommends her.

  3. Hi, Dr. Klitch. You were my freshman dorm RA at SUNY Brockport 1990. (Sorry about my behavior back then) Glad to see you have a thriving practice. Did you ever get a pet lemur?

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