Professional services

Professional Services

Individual and group mindfulness-based psychotherapy

As a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Urszula Klich is trained in Mindfulness Based Mind-Body Integrative Therapies, Cognitive Therapy, and Biofeedback Therapy. Her unique therapeutic method combines contemporary and positive psychology with the ancient wisdom teachings of mindfulness into a comprehensive mind-body program.  She has been working with individuals and groups for twenty years.  Dr. Klich wants you to know that all people have the ability to improve their well-being by tapping into their natural healing power.  Through her innovative techniques, she has assisted and inspired thousands of patients to take the leap from their current way of living into realizing greater possibilities and maximizing their potential!

Individual and Group Treatment may include therapy for:

  • Stress Management
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Managing Emotions
  • Insomnia
  • Communication
  • Loss and Grief
  • Low Self-Esteem and Feelings of Ineffectiveness
  • Personal Growth
  • Coping with Change and Transitions
  • Women’s Issues
  • Work- Life Balance Issues

For more information on fees and appointments:

Call (678)-310-8228 or Email

Fax: (888)-920-6421

Mindfulness in the workplace

As a personal and executive coach, Dr. Klich has provided mindfully-based consultation and guidance to individuals and businesses.  She has worked with executives on developing high performance teams, improving leadership skills, strengthening departmental cohesiveness, managing conflict, and fostering communication.  She combines traditional coaching techniques, such as 360 assessments, with Mindfulness-Based Biofeedback™ training to assist individuals and workgroups as they learn to be more effective and efficient.  Her goal is to promote career satisfaction and happiness in the workplace while teaching individuals to maintain an overall work-life balance, which leads to greater fulfillment and overall happiness.

Dr. Klich has partnered with unique training facilities to provide an individualized professional team-building experience centered on improving communication and overall team cohesiveness with Mindfulness-Based Biofeedback™ training.  We are dedicated to working with you to ensure the program fits your needs.

Mindfulness for stress management, focus, and peak performance

Introductory Session.  This is a one-hour introduction to mindfulness, for 1 to 100 people. Attendees are exposed to the science and efficacy of mindfulness meditation, are trained in an easily accessible mindfulness breath practice, and receive a downloadable MP3 audio file to continue the practice in their daily life.  This program is readily implemented in a lunch and learn format or within the context of other professional development courses.

Half-Day Seminar.  This experience allows for more interactive participation and experiential learning.  Attendees are exposed to the science and efficacy of mindfulness meditation and provided simple tools that they can use within their work and home routines to maximize the benefit of their practice.  Participants receive three downloadable MP3 files to augment their daily meditation. This program is easily adapted to flow within the course of a workday to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency while yielding personal benefit.


Full-Day Workshops. These workshops are customized to fit the needs of your organization and most often target leadership development and management teams.  Attendees are exposed to the science and efficacy of mindfulness as it relates to success in the workplace and personal benefit.  The workshop enables participants to gain a fuller insight into mindfulness through hands-on learning as well as other modalities.  Participants will have ample practice of mindfulness-based techniques, including Mindfulness-Based Biofeedback™ training.  Trainees will experience the main skill areas of mindfulness, both with more formal meditation practice and strategies for applying mindfulness techniques to everyday tasks.  They will learn behavioral strategies that will allow them to be successful in continuing these practices on a daily basis with an audio CD.

This program is designed to improve team cohesiveness and foster richer and more effective communication between members that can then be shared within the larger context of the participants’ network on the job and at home.  For maximum effectiveness, this type of training is best conducted in a small- group format in a facility outside of the regular workplace.  We provide a novel setting within an hour drive of Atlanta that incorporates the benefits of nature, which have been found to be ideal for putting people at ease and creating the space for coworkers to engage a more flexible mindset.  A light, nutritious lunch will be provided.  A team of professionals is on hand to ensure that the event runs smoothly and your company’s specific goals are reached.

Post-workshop support is provided in the form of a custom resource forum for your attendees. This online space will include slides used in presentations, PDFs of handouts, and links to books, articles, and other supplementary material that will be helpful to your particular group.  Dr. Klich will be available for Q & A in this forum and follow-up personalized tips are sent in email reminders. Additionally, we invite your group to enjoy any photos from the event in this private forum.

We offer these post-workshop services to maximize the investment that your company and participants make by assisting with successful integration of the techniques outside of the workshop.  It is known that if techniques learned in a seminar are not implemented within the first few days, the chance of them ever being applied decreases substantially. Thus, we provide strategies to encourage seamless integration back in the persons’ workplace and personal lives.  Optional additional follow-up is offered in the form of individual mentoring, and in-house or web-based seminars are available to fit your needs.

Our Commitment to You:

When you choose one of our workshops, our team is dedicated to understanding your goals and transforming your vision into a tangible experience with lasting results.  For this reason, we work closely with you before and after the program to fully appreciate and attend to your unique needs.  In addition, we maintain the quality of our programs by assessing outcomes and observing trends in the results, which we apply to our ongoing process of improvement.  We look forward to tailoring our programs, based on your input, and the opportunity to exceed your expectations.

For more detailed information and to address your company’s specific needs, please inquire by phone: (678)-310-8228 or by email:

Thank you.  We look forward to hearing how we can partner in your goals!

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