30 Day Habit Change Challenge

Join Dr. Klich’s “30 Days to Change Your Ways” challenge!

It’s easy to become mindlessly entrenched in a habit of one kind or another.  Who doesn’t have a habit they would like to change? But, how? Therein lies the difficulty. Over the next thirty days, we will make it easier, or at least provide some direction and the comfort of knowing you are not alone, as we post resources on My Mindful Way of Life’s website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.  Connect with others engaging in purposeful change to deepen your own work.  Start now by familiarizing yourself with Prochaska’s well-studied stages of change, outlined in the “Ask the Clinician” magazine article below and consider how they may apply to you.

Over the next week read each article below.  Then go back over the pertinent techniques to build your skills in creating habits that work! Begin with this first article in which Dr. Klich speaks to MS Perspectives Magazine about stages of change.  Good luck.  We look forward to your comments and observations.

30 Days to Change Your Ways challenge: Join us on Facebook and Twitter for updates!


Want your goals to stick? Toss them out and set an intention!


Understanding the neurobiology of habits can help you change them


Understanding the Science behind Habits Will Help Propel Your Change


A New Habit Loop: Harnessing the Power of Neuroscience to Solidify Your New Habits


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  1. Yes I would like to join this challenge. Please tell me how to get connected to the group and where to start.
    Thank you
    PS I am looking for a Trade Mark attorney. Any advise.
    Thank you very much

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